Intelligent address book management solution to manage detailed information and relations for all your friends, families, colleagues, vendors, and clients so you know who everyone is and how they are related to one another

Random contacts that you keep in your address book all this year can now become important relations

Degrees of Separation

Find out any relations people in your contact list have with each other even if they are just friends of friends of friends with up to 5 degrees of separation.

Connecting with someone is now much easier when you both have mutual friends and colleagues in your lives.

Type of Contacts

You can differentiate whether a contact is a person or an organization. Each type will have different information stored.

You can search both types of accounts using a single unified search.

Why You Should Be Using Identity

Manage all your contacts easily in one place

Find out how your contacts are connected to one another

Share contacts within certain groups in your company or make them private

All your contacts will be kept secure and encrypted at all times

Deep integration with Core Practice so your conflict check process will reveal more insights





Address Book
Unlimited Contacts
Access Group
* with Core Practice Subscription of Standard Edition




Includes all features in Standard, plus:
Personal Relations
Professional Relations
** with Core Practice Subscription of Complete Edition

All Plans include :

Dedicated enterprise support team
Intuitive online user guide
Secured cloud infrastructure

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