A powerful accounting software with business automation and analytics reporting

A Complete Accounting Software

Manage all your accounting processes in one place, from journals and ledgers to financial reporting. The Accounting software integrates well with Core Practice for automated transactions so you do less work yet keep everything accurate and up-to-date at all times.

Create Your Own Budget

Propose your firm’s budget at the start of the fiscal year and track it throughout the year so you can identify which expenses need to be evaluated to circumvent fraudulent transactions.

Comparative Balance Sheet

Lists what your assets are, what your debts are, and how much you have invested in your company. Then compare your data to the previous years to gauge your growth.

Automatic Calculation
for Fixed Assets

Automate your monthly depreciations. You can use straight-line or double-declining method. You can group the depreciations into expense types so you have less accounting transactions or simply record them all in separate transactions. When you are done with your assets, you can simply sell them and our software will calculate any gains or losses derived from the sales.

Multi Currencies and Automated Gain or Loss on Forex

We support source currency as well as functional currency and we track every transaction in both types of currencies so you can bill and accept payments in any currencies you prefer. Any gain or loss derived from financial transactions on different dates will automatically be calculated and recorded into the system.

Designed Specifically for Your Law Firm

Accounting is an intuitive, flexible, and feature-rich financial software designed specifically to help law firms manage their financial reporting accurately and efficiently.

Features include:

  • Journals and Ledgers
  • Trial Balance (Classic, Single-Column, and Dual-Column)
  • Income Statement (Standard, Comparative, and Growth Chart)
  • Balance Sheet (Standard and Comparative)
  • Cash Flow and Change in Equity Statement
  • Budgeting
  • Recurring Expenses
  • Revaluation
  • And many other features


Up to 50 lawyers


per month

More than 50 lawyers


per month

All plans include:

Dedicated enterprise support team
Intuitive online user guide
Secured cloud infrastructure

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