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How can I purchase ProHukum?

You can call us directly at (62-21) 6385 3435 or email us at to request for a quote. You can also use the form on our website through Purchase menu.

I'm afraid I won't be able to use ProHukum optimally. Do you provide training and user manuals?

By purchasing the software, you are eligible for trainings as well as user manuals.

After training, if we encounter specific problems with ProHukum, do you provide after-sales support?

Yes. You can call us anytime during our office hours (Monday - Friday : 09.00 - 17.00). Support via email is available 24 hours 7 days a week. And, it's free.

Do we have to pay every time we call you or email you for support?

No. It's free.

Do you provide online demos for us to try?

No. We believe that it is best for you to see the software firsthand with us guiding you and showing you the real benefits of ProHukum.

We don't have IT personnels in our firm. Would that be a problem if I use ProHukum?

No. We will help you setup ProHukum up and running so you can start using it right away. Support and maintenance are also provided by us (ask us regarding Annual Maintenance Plan after the first year).

What kind of hardware or tools do we need to use ProHukum in our firm?

If you own a server, then ProHukum can be deployed on that server. If not, you can opt for our SaaS offerings in which you can use the software anytime anywhere and focus on your business without worrying about software and server maintenance.

What do you need to install on the user computers?

You only need a browser such as Chrome or Firefox and you're good to go. Nothing else to install so you never need to worry about viruses or crashes. You can always continue your work on another computer right away.

How secure is ProHukum?

ProHukum is built with security as our priority. It is secured with several security precautions such as priviledge access, anti-SQL injection, and direct URL attack.

What about data on our server?

You can fortify your data by limiting access to ProHukum only from your office area. Also, limiting access to the physical server itself is important.

Once I use ProHukum, is there a limit on the number of users in our firm?

There is no limit on users. We only charge the license for Fee Earners (Partners and Associates) only. You can create a limitless number of support staff such as secretary, finance staff, and administrator.

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